Ciao Bovina = Indulgence - the Guilt!

Ciao Bovina presents a line of non-dairy gelatos in seven great flavors we know you'll enjoy:

Chocolate rhapsody
Ciao Bovina? It means goodbye cow. Why do we call ourselves that? Read on and you'll see.

When you think ice cream, you think dairy, right? But dairy is not for everyone. Maybe you have an intolerance to dairy, or maybe you just want a change but don’t want to sacrifice great taste. Now you won’t have to.

Ciao Bovina gelatos are completely dairy-free and made from a cashew base. They are free of cane sugar, soy, coconut, oils, and crafted from only the highest quality, natural ingredients.

Why the cashew? When we auditioned ingredients for the starring role in our product, the cashew was high on the list because of its rich, buttery texture and high nutritional value. After an intensive selection process, the cashew emerged as the clear winner and we've been delighted with its performance ever since.

Maybe you've tried non-dairy gelato before and found them to be nothing like real ice cream. If so, give Ciao Bovina a try. 

Our products will be in the ice cream section of your local grocers soon. Visit this site again for information on when and where.

Ice cream that grows on trees? Well, almost. So have a great tasting bowl of Ciao Bovina and give a cow the day off.

Questions? Write us at:

Ciao Bovina LLC  |  Longmont, CO 80501  

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