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Italian Stawberry Waffle Sandwich

1 Belgium  Waffle
1-2 Scoops Ciao Bovina Italian Strawberry
Slice fresh strawberries
Slivered Almonds or Pecans
Balsamic Reduction ( recipe below )
Powdered Sugar Heat one Belgium waffle, top with Italian Strawberry, sliced strawberries, slivered nuts and balsamic reduction. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. Chocolate ganache can be used in place of reduction.

Balsamic Reduction

1 Cup dark balsamic vinegar

Place vinegar in a stainless steel pan and bring to a boil, reduce heat to a simmer for 30 – 40 min. Cool

Chocolate Ganache

1 Cup cream, or cashew cream for non-dairy version
10 ounces dark chocolate

Heat the cream in a double boiler or in microwave. Remove and place chocolate  in the cream to melt. Stir gently. You can add a pure extract of your liking.

Suggestion: Orange, lemon, almond extract

For a spicy hint to this dessert sprinkle a bit of freshly ground black pepper to the strawberries

This is a great impressive dessert to serve to guests. (YUM)!


Recipes made with Ciao Bovina Simply Vanilla – very versatile.

Crème Anglaise instantly

Simply melt down a pint of Simply Vanilla, pour over berries and pound cake for a light and tasty dessert after a heavy meal or anytime.

Melted Simply Vanilla can also be added into your pumpkin pie filling in place of the heavy evaporated milk commonly used.

Two Ingredient Fudge:

2 lbs. Dark Chocolate non- dairy or regular
1 pint  Ciao Bovina Simply Vanilla


¾ cups, nuts, marshmallows, or cherries
A few drops of your favorite flavoring.

Heat simply vanilla over a double boiler add chocolate to melt. Pour into a parchment paper lines pan. You may add your optional ingredients at this point.  Let set. Enjoy!

With Ciao Bovina Simply Vanilla the ideas are endless

Orange Pumpkin Truffle Cake


Simple Mills Vanilla Cake mix
Orange flavoring


½- ¾ cup of Ciao Bovina Simply Vanilla
8 oz. Enjoy Life chocolate chips
¼ cup pumpkin
¼ tsp. cinnamon
dash of allspice
dash of cloves
1 Tbls. Sugar
1 egg yolk (vegan egg or the real thing)

We used Simple Mills vanilla cake mix, and made it vegan and low in fat by using vegan egg and applesauce in place of oil. Bake at 350 for 35 min. Cool

Blend Ciao Bovina Simply Vanilla, chocolate chips and place in a double boiler to melt. In a medium bowl combine pumpkin and spices. Once the chocolate is melted and smooth, cool to room temperature. Add the pumpkin mixture and the egg. Remember, real egg yolk may be used if making a non-vegan version. Whip the cooled mixture with a beater and frost away!

Affogato ( Hot )

½ Cup of hot espresso coffee or (coffee of your choice)
1 Scoop of Simply Vanilla or Chocolate Rhapsody Ciao Bovina

Serve with a biscotti

You don’t have to stop eating frozen desserts because it’s snowing out side. This delicious treat warms you and gives you a delectable cool undertone as well.  Great to enjoy in front of the fireplace.

Affogato  ( Iced )

Iced Coffee
Simply Vanilla or Chocolate Rhapsody Ciao Bovina

Fill a tall glass ¾ of the way full, add Flavor of choice Ciao Bovina to the glass.

Great for a hot summer day.

Brandy Alexander

2 ounces brandy
½ ounce of dark crème de cocoa
1 scoop Simply Vanilla Ciao Bovina
Sprinkle with nutmeg

Happy Hour:  Cheers 

Kids Corner

Check back for other recipes in the future

Mangiare e divertirsi ! ( Eat and Enjoy )


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